Introducing EverCash, The Rising Crypto Ecosystem

The world of cryptocurrencies offers a wide array of potentially lucrative opportunities, but only for those who know what to look for. Many new and legacy projects lack intrinsic utility, sufficient rewards, or present neither of these. This article introduces EverCash, the ecosystem that is said to fix these flaws and provide profitable possibilities for its members.

How do crypto rewards work?

First, the basics have to be set straight, so that everyone can fully grasp the problems and solutions discussed later on. Cryptocurrencies have the unique ability to potentially reward users for their actions and engagement, if they were issued that way. These rewards can include earning through interest rates, receiving a share of transaction fees, being credited new tokens, or getting holdings’ valuation boosted via the reduction of the total supply of a coin.

The problems of existing systems

With that said, what is really important to mention here is that these rewards are oftentimes lackluster, and don’t actually compensate members for the resources they sacrifice. In simple words, the input is greater than the output. Needless to say, members of the crypto community recognize if a system features such an imbalance, and they abandon the network. Considering this, it’s unsurprising to see most of these low-quality, reward-based ecosystems go out of business soon after their launch. This is widely considered unfortunate, as many argue the concept carries way more than a few startup failures.

The solution: EverCash

Great number of failures sometimes allow for one, or two projects to rise by learning from the mistakes made. EverCash is said to be the new rising star within the sector of reward ecosystems, and with good reasons. The world-class team of industry experts backing the project had a vision to make use of the untapped potential of crypto incentives, and combine it with the latest developments of the space. They carefully architected a reward ecosystem built and run on one of the world’s most trusted blockchains, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that is reportedly capable of allocating more rewards to users than any other competitor. The project is said to deliver this via its bespoke peer-to-peer marketplace, combined with one-off tokenomics designed especially for EverCash from the ground-up.

According to official sources, users will potentially receive compensation in Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoins, which they can store along with other funds in their EverCash crypto wallets. The incentive is advertised to arrive in the form of a 10% share from all transaction fees, which is one of the highest returns in comparison with other projects. Also, there will be 8% of the total allocation reserved for buyback and burn, further supporting the hyper-deflationary token claims.

Final thoughts

Crypto rewards are one of the most popular areas within the industry, however, there are very few initiatives that manage to stand the probe of time. EverCash, on the other hand, is widely considered one that, against all odds, will manage to deliver its promises and utility right after its launch, thanks to its carefully designed roadmap and concepts. The exact date is to be announced, but it’s expected to arrive in the near future. If you’d like to stay informed about the latest developments, visit their official website, where you can follow the latest developments and news about the new rising crypto ecosystem centered around rewards.

EverCash Set to Revolutionise the DeFi Space

A brand new entrant to the DeFi market place promises outstanding rewards and advanced utilities while setting new standards for DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain.

Available on PancakeSwap EverCash users simply just have to buy and hold Ecash to be rewarded in BUSD. However, EverCash provides more than just holder rewards. Lets take a look.

Buy back and burn

EverCash was born in Q4 of 2021 by a team of experienced developers with a background in web design and software development. Their aim is to set a new gold standard for DeFi projects hosted on Binance Smart Chain.

In its essence EverCash is a hyper deflationary token built on BSC with a unique and rewarding buy back and burn model integrated in to the code. The team chose BSC due to its ability to provide price oracles rather than looking at outside sources.

The buy back and burn model is thus -

This model is both profitable and sustainable and rewards EverCash users for transacting or simply holding.

Functional utility

EverCash developers are acutely aware of the bad reputation some of the reward projects have in the space. All too often project developers host a shiny website and promise massive returns before dumping their tokens on unsuspecting retail investors moments after project launch.

EverCash is different. On launch the project has a functional utility which will garner investor trust and confidence and show that EverCash can deliver on its promises. With a favourable marketing and development fee of 1% EverCash has the ability to generate profits immediately following token launch. Plus, the 8% buy back fee is designed to counter any token dump.

Eco-System features

The EverCash eco-system has two exciting features which set it apart from its nearest competition, the Ecash wallet and the Peer to Peer Marketplace.

The Ecash wallet is the perfect Web3 wallet for the modern DeFi investor. Each wallet is non custodial and therefore does not require any exhaustive KYC procedures and checks. Through the use of a 12 word seed phrase Ecash wallet holders are always in control of their keys and in the event of any loss of device all funds can be fully recovered.

The Peer to Peer Marketplace promises to revolutionise the way the world moves money and embraces crypto by allowing transfers between anyone, anytime and any place. Once online this unique and revolutionary approach to buying, selling or simply holding your crypto will allow even those without bank accounts to access the cryptocurrency eco-system and take control of their personal finances.

Token price guarantee

EverCash is an exciting new project which aims to reward its token holders and network users through a generous buy back and burn model which through its hyper deflationary nature will guarantee the native token rises in price over time. With an exciting roadmap stretching throughout 2022 and beyond, there has never been a better time to invest.